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Hypnotherapy Pittsburgh PA | High Success Rate Hypnosis

 Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and holistic healing method that uses scientifically proven techniques to help you make the lasting positive changes you desire. 
Because of its hihow_hypnosis_worksgh success rate in getting to the root of the problem quickly and easily, it is a widely used complementary therapy and was approved by the American Medical Association as a beneficial adjunct therapy in 1957.

Hypnotherapy is quite different than that of a hypnotist who uses hypnotism for entertainment or a comedy routine. Although I personally enjoy a good comedy hypnosis routine where they make people gobble like a turkey or quack like a duck...that is not at all what I do as your hypnotherapist!
Hypnosis is a natural, pleasant, relaxed state that we all experience on a daily basis without realizing that it is hypnosis.  I wonder if you can imagine coming home from a long day at the office, plopping yourself down onto the couch, turning the TV to your favorite show and completely tuning out the outside world for the time being.  We often call it "zoning out". That is hypnosis!
During a session, you are always alert and fully in control...yet blissfully relaxed and free of stress.  I like to refer to this lovely state of relaxation as a "luxurious spa for the mind".  

New to hypnosis?

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At Pittsburgh Family Hypnotherapy the sessions are compassionate, casual, comfortable and fun.

Hypnosis is simply that peaceful state of relaxation where you just let the stress and busy thoughts of the day go for the time being.   In a hypnotherapy session, this peaceful and serene state is important because when you can permit your conscious mind to relax (the critical, resistant-to-change part of your mind), it allows the subconscious mind to absorb the positive messages for change.

The subconscious mind makes up for about 88% of your mind, and it is truly the most powerful and amazing computer ever created.  Not only is it responsible for maintaining all of your bodily functions, including breathing, without having to think about it all consciously; it is also where all of your thoughts and ideas about EVERYTHING in your life originates.  Just think about the miraculous process of a mother-to-be providing all the fetus needs to develop while in the womb without consciously thinking about it!  This is where your self-image (what you think of yourself), all past memories, every thought, every belief, every idea you have ever had about every issue in your life is stored. Whatever thoughts, beliefs and images are in your subconscious mind is exactly what will manifest in your life - positive or negative.   Therefore, and most importantly, it is also where all the SOLUTIONS to your issues must originate if you truly want long-lasting, positive change to take place. 

So, you can see why the old saying, "You are what you think you are." is so powerful and so literally  profound!

The conscious mind is about 12% of your mind, and while it is most certainly responsible for some very important functions as you go about your conscious day to day routines and activities, it can also be responsible for creating blocks which can stop you dead in your tracks from achieving your goals. The reason for this is that the conscious mind enjoys the status quo...it likes things just the way they are and will often try to reject suggestions for positive change, even if it is for your highest and best. 

  As your Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, I am specially trained to gently and pleasantly guide you into a serene, relaxed state so I can then speak directly to the part of the mind, the subconscious, that will be responsible for making the positive changes you desire. 

Imagery is the "language" of the subconscious mind.  Once you are in the deep hypnotic relaxation, I then speak to the subconscious in its favorite language by helping it to create positive new behaviors as well as the exact solutions you need to accomplish your goal and self-empowerment.  In this way, the subconscious is "reprogrammed" in a gentle and enjoyable way to effect the change that you desire.

Why does hypnotherapy work over other forms of treatment?
  • Hypnosis utilizes your mind's own safe and natural learning state.

  • Hypnosis requires no drugs, needles, herbs or supplements.

  • Results are often obtained in a matter of hours rather than weeks, months or years.

  • Hypnosis works with the cause of issue on a subconscious level rather than the symptom.

  • The Result - POSITIVE CHANGE - which in most cases is...permanent.

Hypnosis is a successful and proven tool for for changing the way your mind thinks about particular issues!  Below is a link in which you will find countless case studies of the results others have achieved through hypnosis.  I hope you will take a moment to read some of them: