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Learning Skills Hypnosis | Pittsburgh Life Coaching Hypnotherapy

Our combination of hypnosis and one on one coaching techniques is an amazingly effective way to improve your academic success, including overcoming test and exam anxiety and improving your study motivation. No matter what you are studying - our personalized hypnosis and NLP sessions can help you learn faster, more easily, more efficiently and more confidently.  I work with students of all walks of life, including teen students, college students, medical school students, nursing school students, law school students and many more.

Researchers have discovered that the human brain learns best when it is in a state of focus or trance - hypnosis! This is when your mind most easily absorbs new information, new ideas, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking about things, new skills, and establishes the neural pathways that enable you to hold on to the information in a natural and easy way.

Hypnosis sessions for improved academic success are designed for high school students, college students and adults in a multitude of learning situations.  Below are common areas in which hypnotherapy can help you with improved learning, improved academic performance, concentration, and study motivation. 

We have helped many students with:  Accelerated Learning, Improved Academic Performance & Grades, Attention in Class, Concentration, Exam / Test Anxiety, Listening Skills, Memory Improvement, Mental Blocks, Reading Retention, Study Motivation and much more.

We use our own strategic techniques which include hypntherapy, NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery and many more.

Student rates available.  Feel free to Contact the Hypnotherapist to inquire about your area of improvement.

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Just wanted to share with you that my daughter is doing fantastic since your session.  Her volleyball season has also gone wonderful.  She is playing with confidence and loving every minute, no longer held back by the fear of failure.  This has allowed her to completely play to her full potential.  She has done so well that her team is playing for the WPIAL championships! There has been a ton of pressure, but she has HANDLED it.  I can't thank you enough. They are also going to the state payoffs.  No one gave them a shot at that, but here we are.  She is also still holding it together with her school work and should get > 4.0.  She just came home from practice and said, "all right, big game tonight- I need to listen to my session to prepare.  Then, I'll be ready to conquer the world!"   I wanted you to know that you have made a big difference in the life of my daughter.  Thank You!  Allison S. - Bethel Park

Natalie, I can't thank you enough.  My son came to you feeling stressed and apprehensive about succeeding in medical school.  His confidence was so low I didn't know what to do with him.  Since his session, his grades have significantly improved and his attitude is amazingly positive.  Your program has been a God send for him.  I'm already thinking of many other issues you can help my family with.  I will recommend your services any chance I get.  Thank you so much for all your help and your kind support.  Cally R. - Monroeville

Natalie - I am literally jumping up and down (and so are my mother and grandmother)!  I passed my NCLEX exam. Thank you so much for all of your help!  Andrea, Imperial, PA

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