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Sports Hypnosis Pittsburgh - Mental Toughness Training


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Sports Hypnosis and mental coaching sessions in Pittsburgh.  Hypnosis and NLP for sports improvement - achieve your peak athletic potential.

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Hypnosis for sports improvement in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and surrounding areas.



"Just wanted to share with you that my daughter is doing fantastic since her session.  Her volleyball season is going wonderfully.  She is playing with confidence and loving every minute, no longer held back by the fear of failure.  

This has allowed her to completely play to her fullest potential.  She has done so well that her team is playing for the WPIAL championships!  There has been a ton of pressure, but she has HANDLED it well.  I can't thank you enough.  They are also going to the state playoffs.  

No one gave them a shot  at that, but here we are.  She is also still holding it together with her school work and should get a 4.0.  She just came home from practice and said, "All right, big game tonight - I need to listen to my session to prepare.  Then, I'll be ready to conquer the world!"  

I wanted you to know that you have made a big difference in the life of my daughter.  Thank you so very much!"  

Allison S. - Bethel Park

"Mr. Decker, I was just informed that the team has decided to renew my contract and you had to be the first person I told.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will call you later today to give you the details, it's pretty crazy here at the moment."

R.N. - Pittsburgh

"Steve, just wanted to tell you after we left your office and went straight to the ball field, David hit a home run, a single, and a double. Amazing!"

B.R. - Whitehall

"Mr. Decker, I needed to share with you the joy I felt tonight watching my daughter perform the way she used to.  She showed no sign of fear like she has for the past year, it was like she was on auto pilot."

P.N. (competitive cheer mom) - Robinson Twp.

"My golf game has never and I mean never been better.  Just like you said, once I pulled the club from the bag - it was "game time".

O.H. - Washington, PA

"Stephen, Jessy scored 30 points tonight! She did exactly what you taught her.  Thank you!"

A. T. - Wexford

"Stephen, we are at the game as I text this and WOW Joey is playing like his hair is on fire like you said! His coach is all smiles and so are we. Thanks so much!"

P.D. - Pittsburgh

Sports Hypnotist

Mental Coaching - Mental Toughness Training - NLP - Hypnotherapy 
for Sports Improvement and Peak Performance

Stephen Decker, CHt, MPNLP, CSH

 Certified Sports Mental Coach & Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner
Former USA Jr. Olympic Head Coach
Master Taekwondo Instructor

                                                                           For Ages 12 through Adult

Give Yourself “THE EDGE” Starting Now!

Mental Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP for sports improvement is now mainstream!  Let us help you improve your game - golf, volleyball, baseball, running, football, soccer, boxing, martial arts, MMA, combative sports, wrestling, hockey, swimming, and many more.

Welcome to Sports Hypnosis Pittsburgh, a division of Pittsburgh Family Hypnotherapy. My name is Stephen W. Decker, CHt, MPNLP, CSH, and I have had the privilege of working with literally 1000’s of amazing young men and women through teaching and coaching since the 1980’s, which is about the time I began my NLP - Hypnosis studies.  This was not by chance, you see, even though I personally had the best training in my sport the world could offer, I knew there had to be something more I could give my student athletes that would help them excel to that next level.

That is exactly what I witnessed NLP and Hypnosis do with amazing speed!

I have witnessed over and over athletes go from ordinary to extraordinary by simply fine tuning their thought process, their perceptions, their standards.   What makes my ability to help you excel in your sport unique is that I have real world experience, not just learned theories from a book or a class. As a matter of fact, the same techniques I have used as a USA Jr. Olympic Head Coach, I look forward to bringing to you, so I may assist you in becoming the champion you deserve to be in your own sport.   

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.”  ~ Orison Swett Marden

Sports and Peak Performance

You probably already know that being a successful athlete involves maintaining high levels of physical fitness; however, this is merelySoccer Hypnosis part of the strategy required to succeed.  Your peak sports performance has more to do with your mental abilities than physical abilities. It's true, and this may sound like a strange concept to you, but thousands of sports athletes have recognized the power of their state of mind as having a positive effect on their sports performance.

Hypnosis and NLP techniques have been used for many years to help athletes from all walks of life enhance their natural skills and abilities. Did you know that the famous golfer, Tiger Woods, regularly uses hypnosis?

The Mind-Body Connection

Successful athletes have the ability to control their state of mind, which gives them the mental advantage they need to prevent them from performing below their abilities, or giving into their fears of failure, anxiety or nervousness.

Sports mental coaching, hypnosis and NLP can help you focus your mind in a positive way so you can identify your goals...and then achieve them. Being able to control negative thoughts and emotions is the basis of sports
 psychology, and can often be achieved through the use of these holistic modalities.

Football HypnosisAthletes often refer to being in "the zone". I'm sure you have been in this place in your mind when you are engaged in your sport.  This means that you get totally absorbed in what you are doing and barely notice outside distractions.  This is an important state to achieve because it will help you perform at your best - "peak performance".

Our program can help you master accessing "the zone" so
you can consistently perform at your best.

How can mental coaching, hypnosis and NLP help you with your sports performance?

Our program can be successfully used for many different sports such as golf, volleyball, running, football, soccer, boxing, martial arts, MMA, combative sports, wrestling, hockey, swimming, and many more. Every athlete, including you, has the internal resources to succeed!  

We help you become more tuned in to those inner resources so you can become the successful athlete you deserve to be.

In your sessions, we help you to improve and enhance your mental attitude by helping you relax, remove unhelpful anxieties, and by boosting your self-confidence in your sport and in all areas of your life. Each person is different and results will vary from athlete to athlete; however, generally speaking, most athletes can successfully use hypnosis and NLP to maintain composure, overcome fears, develop more singleness of purpose (focus) and gain confidence in their abilities.

The human brain cannot distinguish between "doing something" or "imagining doing something", so imagining or visualizing winning at your sport can help you become a winner.martial arts hypnosis

hat your mind can conceive...you can achieve!

  If you would like a free phone consultation regarding your sports related issue, or to book your first sports improvement session, please email Steve Decker or call